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Information from secretariat office
Information from secretariat office : Info from MEGUROKAI secretariat office - vol 1
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How to become a regular member of MEGUROKAI

You can become a regular member of MEGUROKAI when paid the membership fee
Those who have not paid the membership fee in the past can become a regular member when paid the fee for that year.


  1. Regular member fees:
    - Annual payment: 3,000 yen/year
    - Lump-sum payment for 5 years: 13,000 yen/5 years (2,600 yen/annualized)
    - Lump-sum payment for 10 years: 24,000 yen/10 years (2,400 yen/annualized)
  2. Transfer from:
    - Post office
    - Convenience store (only for annual payment)
    - Bank


    For the details of Alumni prize, visit here.

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