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Employment Support for alumnus

Generate the opportunities to utilize their experiences and skills
Targets to employment support activities are not only for current students in the university but also for OBs of UEC Tokyo and senior OBs (who were retired) with expanding to all generations of the members. For the senior OBs, 'Employment Support Activities for MEGUROKAI Senior OBs' has started since 2007 in order to make matchings between the recruiting inquiries from comanies and the OBs who likes to help the business of the companies and the contribution to the society by the assets of their experiences, technical skills, and various kinds of official qualifications.

Targets of the employment support for senior OBs


* OBs of UEC Tokyo who are not working for the specific companies or goverments office at the time.
*OBs with their official qualifications in many industries oriented to do consulting business to small to medium enterprizes (SMEs).
*OBs who can work to utilize their are able to mentor

Employment support for OBs


MEGUROKAI has implemented the employment support activities with targeting OBs of wide range of ages including young generations. PLease feel free to contact with MEGUROKAI for your job searches.

Contact info.

E-Mail : mailto:jobzenior@megrokai.or.jp
TEL 81-42-482-3812
FAX 81-42-482-3845

Employment Support for alumnus

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