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Employment Support for graduates

Realize the best-matchings between students and companies
One of the major characteristics of UEC Tokyo is the high employment rate of almost 100%. MEGUROKAI has been executing ,mainly by the members of the Employment Working Group, various employment support programs that links with the recruitment schedules of companies. These are programed to have students meet working environments where each of the students can demonstrate their carrers.

Exhibitions of Corporate Reserach (Every October)

Over 70 corporations have exhited in the booth the pannels that describe their products and business. Many students has been listening to the corporate PR's that appeals their ingenuities.

Job fair by sectors (Every December)

Grouping the corporations by sector, superior employees of OBs of UEC Tokyo describe the characteristics of their sector and their concrete business/jobs.

Employment couneselings (Every January)

Students individually meet with corporations that posted their PR's in the Corporate Journal. For the students, this is the great oppotunities to refine their aspiring companies more concretely.

Simulated interview and indivisual counselling (Frequently held by requests)

OB acts the recruiting associates or officers of companies, and gives advices how to behave and speak in order to get the good impressions. Also advices how to summarize the propoer responses to the inquiries.

Employment Support for graduates

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