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MEGUROKAI is operated by the membership fees of individual members


MEGUROKAI is primarily organized by a student, alumni, and teaching staff of National University of Electro-Communications (UEC Tokyo).


Contribute both to developments of telecommunications, and educations and trainings of the members who engaged in this industry.

Also promote friendship and mutual assistance of members and the improvements of educations and knowledge’s of the members.


Perform the following projects to achieve the above objectives.

  1. Developments, diffusion and enlightenments of science and technology of information and communication.
    cases) Exhibitions of the industry and academia collaboration (held at the same time of the University forum)
  2. Supports of joint research/developments, technology transfers, and entrepreneurship.
    cases) Supports/cooperation's of the Joint Research operations, sponsors of the Research and Development seminars, arrangements of technology transfers, and satellite bens
  3. Holding the meetings of lecture, working group, and seminar, etc.
    cases) Holdings of academic lectures and mobile communications working group, arrangements of lecturers of the seminars, and so on.
  4. Scholarships and prizes
    cases) Alumni prizes、MEGUROKAI prizes, international exchange scholarships, supports of international students sponsored by International Students Funds
  5. Supports to UEC Tokyo students for their job search and others
    cases) Publish the “Corporate Research Journal”, employment placements to UEC Tokyo students
  6. Selling books
  7. Construction and administration of the Hall
  8. Publishing the journals
    cases) Creation of the Home Page, and publishing the ‘MEGUROKAI Journal’
  9. Enlightenments and friendships of the members
    cases) Holding alumni meetings
  10. Other matters related to the above


Funded by MEGUROKAI membership fees


Regular member of the Alumni of UEC Tokyo is always able to obtain the membership information that shall be useful for a member to develop its own social infrastructure. Also regular member can participate in the alumni managements.


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