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Meeting with UEC Tokyo

Alumni contributing to the society

 Chairman of the MEGUROKAI Corporation
, alumni of UEC Tokyo

Kohei Yasuda


 The “Technical Institute for Wireless Communications” (TIWC), predecessor of this university was established in 1918 at the premises in Iikura, Azabu-ku Tokyo, then after it was re-organized to be National University of Electro-Communications (UEC Tokyo) in 1949 according to the enforcement of National School Establishment Law. And numbers of the alumni are counted to about 60,000 in total from the days of the TIWC. Almost of these alumni of about 60,000 people have been actively working as excellent technical’s and engineers in various industries of the heart of communications and information, so called IT fields. They have provided many contributions to the society with producing outstanding executives in each field.


 The name of MEGUROKAI is derived from the place, where the TIWC had been at Meguro and the “Wireless Alumni” was established there. The alumni was renamed as “Wireless Alumni Corporation” under the guidance of Ministry of Communications at the time in 1942 (, and renamed again as MEGUROKAI Corporation in 1955). In order to commemorate the 80 anniversary of UEC Tokyo founding, the fundraising has been achieved mainly by MEGUROKAI and the construction of the 80 anniversary memorial hall, ”Lissajous”, was completed at October, 2000. This “Lissajous” has been greatly contributed to the society. I would want the “Lissajous” to connect the community and society with UEC Tokyo. And I hope that MEGUROKAI could take efforts of the intermediation to bridge UEC Tokyo and its community greatly by the strong bonds


 Towards the 90 anniversary of university founding (2008), and to the 100 anniversary of founding coming after, MEGUROKAI would promote the commemorative projects in perfect harmony with the university under the new regime of UEC Tokyo. I would highly appreciate your understandings of MEGUROKAI activities and thank for your leaderships and corporations.

Message from Chairman

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