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Working groups

Rules WG Maintenance of the rules
Finance WG 1. Healthy finance
2. Inspection of the budget & finance balance
Employment WG 1. Support for Job Search
2. Publishing of Corporate Research Journal
3. Holding the Corporate Research Events
4. Support for employments of the elderly
Organization WG 1. Development of the plan for augment of members, and its execution
2. Activation of the branches activities
Public Relations WG 1. Publishing the MEGUROKAI Journals
2. Enrichment of the HP
3. PR activities
ICT WG 1. Cooperation for the administration of the hall
2. Supports to the Childrenユs Craft Classes & Toy Hospital
Academic WG 1. Mobile communications Conference
2. Cooperation/Support of the VB Courses
New Projects & Events WG Developments of the new projects, and its execution
Corpration & Supports of the 80th Aniversary Memorial Hall WG Transmission of the information related to the executions of the MEGUROKAI projects
Working groups

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