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General meeting

Types of general meeting

Regular general meeting, and Extraordinaly general meeting


General meeting is composed by regular members of MEGUROKAI.



    * General meeting votes the items that are important for the MEGUROKAI operations, in addtion to the vote for the matters defined in the MEGUROKAI articles.
    * Establishments and abolitions of the rules and regulations of MEGUROKAI shall be voted by the general meeting.




    * Regular general meetings shall be called once a year during the period between April and May.
    * Extraordinaly general meeting shall be held by requests from the board meeting, regular members over 1/5 of the totals with the documents, or auditors.


Chairman, Quorum, votings


    * Chairman: MEGUROKAI chairman
    * Quorum: Attendance of regular members over 1/2 of the totals
    * Votings: Approved by the majority of the attendance


Provisions of General meeting are described in MEGUROKAI articles. For more details, refere
Chapter 4 of the MEGUROKAI Articles (In Japanease).

General meeting

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