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Global human networks

Human links by network in the globe is the largest assets of MEGUROKAI.
As of April 2008,there have been expanding in MEGUROKAI 7 branches in domestic Japan and 3 oversea brances (including branch planned). Organization WG has been executing various activities to activate the branch operations that suport the information exchanges between the members and provide the chances for friendship of the members. Entrepreneur's Association of The University of Electro-Communications (EATEC) organized by OBs has been also playing a role of human networks that cover wide range of industries, generations, and regionals.

Established on September 1992 as an opportunity for exchanging information with UEC Tokyo alumni who have been working as an executive of the company. It was officialy named as "UEC Tokyo Entrepreneur committe gatherings" at the 10th meeting. English name is 'Entrepreneur's Association of The University of Electro-Communications'(EATEC).

Global human networks

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