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Dissemination of advanced technology

Holding seminars/lecturs on the subjects of advanced technologies
Holding academic lectures and various kinds of seminars as well as "Mobile Communication Conferense" that boasts a history of more than 40 years from th days of the predecessor "Maritime Communication Meetings". By utilizing the extensive networks, MEGUROKAI meets mediation requests of the seminar instructors. Fighting to the spreads of the advanced information technologies is the mission critical of MEGUROKAI.

Mobile Communication Conference

The name of this conference was "Maritime Communications Meeting" when the first was held in 1967. The maine theme that spotlights onto the present and future of the communication technologies is still alive even after the name was changed in 1995 to "Mobile Communication Conference". The conferences have benn gathering more hot attensions recently, in which industry trends are announced by the instuctors who are leading in industries-achademies-governments as well as business people active in the forefront of industries.

Dissemination of advanced technology

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