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Meeting with MEGUROKAI:

Towads the 100th Anniversary of Founding

 University president,
Chairman Emeritus of the MEGUROKAI Corporation
, alumni of National University of Electro-Communications

Makoto Kajitani

 Results from talent trainings of the most important mission in the university are to be evaluated by what graduates have been contributed to the society. The raison d’etre of National University of Electro-Communications (UEC Tokyo) with having been highly regarded in the society is ever known because of activities of the graduates in various fields.

 In order for the turning out in great numbers of deserving personnel from university, communications with society and corporation are the most important things to be done. MEGUROKAI is the most familiar and most effective tangent point with society and UEC Tokyo.

 MEGUROKAI always worries about UEC Tokyo and UEC Tokyo juniors since MEGUROKAI is the member club of the alumni who have studied in UEC Tokyo. MEGUROKAI is being reliable to UEC Tokyo as well as to the personnel who are studying here in the university. There is a family like relationship that can offer empathically consultations at anytime.

 UEC Tokyo welcomes the 100 anniversary of founding in 2018. How to celebrate it and the results of the years during these 10 years from now are the crucial points of UEC Tokyo. UEC Tokyo should become a type of university that the society trusts to. And many people are visiting the university flooded with young’s who are longing to study. Collaborations, corporations with MEGUROKAI and communications widely with society through MEGUROKAI are the essentials for them.

Message from Honorary Chairman

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